Basement renovation -An Overview

Gone are the days when basements were used just for dumping obsolete items. Homeowners have now realized the potential of the big expanse of space. The demand for basement renovation has exceeded that of other rooms because they are secluded from the main living area and offer a good scope to personalize the living experience.

There are different choices available to a homeowner for renovating their basement with a unique theme, especially based on their interests or personality. Discussed below are 6 design suggestions that would enhance the style of a basement.

Lights – Being dark and dingy, basements are always in the need for light. If you could cut out additional windows, you would be doing yourself a favor. Other than natural light, use suitable artificial lighting to brighten up the space. Pot lights throughout the ceiling would not make your basement ceiling look lower than it actually is. You can also use different kinds decorative table lamps or recessed light panels to add more ambient lighting to the room.

Keep it Open – Instead of dividing the space with walls to have separate rooms, keep it open. Homeowners nowadays are opting for a vast expanse of barrier-free space. Since, basements are dark, too many walls or pillars make them appear more constricted. If you want you can have more than one theme incorporated in the open space each leading to the other. Lack of walls will make the space airy and comfortable.

Paint – Choosing a light colored paint for your basement is the trick that works. While painting walls and ceilings, go for pure white that not only looks classic but also makes the area appear larger. Furthermore, if you add similar color furniture like cabinets, chairs, tables, and others, they will seem to have blended with the walls, hence giving an uncluttered look.

Do Not Contrast – Even though you might be tempted to experiment with contrasting colors, avoid it. Dark color contrasts will make the space look smaller. Keep the floor, walls and ceiling of the same color, preferably white or any other light shade. If you do not want white floors, use polished concrete or light shade tiles. To lend a little pattern and color to your floor, you can use area rugs.

Include An Artwork/Antique – Since it is advised to paint the basement in a light colored shade, a soulful painting, a royal antique or a bold colored furniture can be a cynosure of the room. It will offer the space a stylish charm and draw the attention of your guests from noticing the size of the basement to the beauty of the object.

Office Cum Lounge Space – The recent trend has been to convert the basement into an office room. This theme has a vast scope to work on. You can either have the entire area dedicated to your workstation or use only a corner of the space. Include proper lighting, office essentials, adequate storage solutions and cozy furniture to relax while you work. If you are going for this theme, don’t forget to soundproof the basement.

If you put up your office in a corner, use the leftover space to add a couch and a large television set. Use dimmers for an authentic theater feel.